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January 20 2015


Parkour Tutorial Sites - The very best Sites to understand Parkour

Before We start - How to trick

There are many what you require to be aware of. One is that not all parkour sites are equal. Many of them involve some BS in it. Parkour is becoming popular so individuals are posting stupid tutorials, so that you must be conscious of what exactly is good material and what's bad.

But this i will provide you with a list of good parkour tutorial sites, along with how to identify scam sites.

What exactly is Happening

Parkour originated from France, as well as the person responsible for bringing popularity to parkour is David Belle. Parkour started popularizing in the usa around 2002, and after that an increase of men and women happen to be embracing it.

You may be walking across the street and see a group of people running past your, vaulting over benches, running up and walls and disappearing. And you're left to yourself thinking "Whoa! I would like to learn that!"

Identifying Legit Parkour Sites

Like I said earlier. There lots of scam sites out there. Many of them are by kids just posting tutorial videos online hoping to get views, and possibly make some cash from the advertising.

I'm not really saying that some kids don't know what they're referring to. But I'm telling you, you need to be smart about who you hear.

Fore example, you will discover some videos of ten year old kids with instructions on the proper landing as well as the proper roll technique. Then they will reveal the process and claim that if you do it simply like them, that you'll be capable of safely jump off a ten foot building.

Do you really desire to listen to some kid jumping off a bench letting you know jump off a ten foot building? I didnrrrt think so.

Also parkour moves are difficult to describe. So any website that you visit, make certain they've got videos. Parkour video lessons certainly are a must. It really is much better to learn from a video than from a text instruction. A minimum of in parkour.

Parkour Instructional Videos

With all of that being said, there are numerous parkour tutorial websites that offer instruction. The following are my personal favorites which i use after i need assistance learning new moves.

 Tapp Brothers
 Laflair Parkour - How to trick

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